Animal Shelter

Department Functions
The Hampton County Animal Shelter is responsible for enforcing the Hampton County Animal Control Ordinance and state statutes that prohibit animal's at large, animal abuse and abandonment, control of dangerous animals. The purpose of the Ordinance is to ensure public safety by enforcement, keeping vicious animals from roaming and becoming a nuisance or life threatening to the general public. The Animal Shelter provides a temporary shelter for stray, unwanted or homeless animals. The shelter also maintains an active foster and adoption programs which includes health screening, vaccinations and mandatory spay or neutering.

The Hampton County Animal Shelter does not have jurisdiction over the municipalities. We are only responsible for the unincorporated areas of the county.


1. Receive proper training in the area of animal care and shelter operations for the safety of employees and volunteers.
2. Increase volunteer participation and awareness of animal and shelter needs.
3. Increase fostering and adoption of animals.
4. Implement education of humane animal care and pet owners' responsibilities.
5. Improve citizen awareness of the shelter needs.
6. Seek out donations and grants.
7. Complete electrical work at the shelter to provide additional lighting and the ability to have heating and cooling for the animals.
8. Complete the re-roofing project in the main office building.